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GreenVCI® Oil & Gas
Customized Eco-friendly Corrosion Protection & Preservation Services

GreenVCI® Oil & Gas “GOG” is a division of John & Eundong Co., Ltd. “J&E” that provides corrosion protection products and services for the Oil & Gas Industry.

GreenVCI® Global Services “GGS” was built within J&E in order to effectively provide corrosion management services and products globally while sustaining localization.


GreenVCI® Global Services
Australia: X-Rust (GreenVCI AU)
China: China Eundong
Germany/EU: Safepack GreenVCI
Indonesia: Eco GreenVCI Indonesia
Korea: GreenVCI Polartech
Malaysia: GreenVCI Services
Mexico: GreenVCI Mexico
Thailand: GreenVCI Thailand
USA: Eundong (USA)

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+25 years of manufacturing
eco-friendly atmospheric VCI


Disruptive corrosion protection and preservation through GreenVCI® "EEC" Preservation Program Design.

Eco-friendly & Economical & Customizable