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About Us

John & Eundong Co., Ltd. "J&E"
We are an eco-friendly world-class atmospheric volatile corrosion inhibitors "VCI" raw material manufacturer providing total corrosion protection solutions since 1994 with its forerunner company, Eundong International Inc.

GreenVCI® Oil & Gas "GOG"
GOG is a division of J&E that provides corrosion protection products and services for the Oil & Gas Industry.

GreenVCI® Global Services "GGS"
GGS was built within J&E in order to effectively provide corrosion management services and products globally while sustaining localization.

Our Value Proposition

1. Customized preservation and corrosion protection program
2. Economical maintenance while sustaining functional VCI excellence
3. Eco-friendly atmospheric volatile corrosion inhibitor selections and applications
4. Corrosion management global network and deployments
5. Localization

Our disruptive corrosion protection techniques will help contribute the prosperity of a more refined eco-friendly society through the quality preservation of metal goods.


With 25 years of experience in manufacturing VCI products and offering customized corrosion protection solutions, we ensure you CAN TRUST IT CAN'T RUST®.