Preservation & Mothballing

What is Preservation?
Preservation should be applied to all systems, equipment packages, individual components, and materials in order to prevent occurrence of problems during operation caused by dust, corrosion/oxidization, chemicals, cross contamination, UV exposure, water ingress, high humidity, seawater or green water deluge, drastic climatic temperature changes, false brinelling (static load on bearings), etc.

Preservation refers to completing systematic management and protection after efficient procedures are established and agreed, and once measures for any estimated damage factors have been put into place before the shipment from manufacturer’s factory.

What is Mothballing?
Mothballing is the deactivation/preservation of equipment or production facility and assets.

-Restore and reuse in the near future.

-Preserves and protects assets such as machinery, ships, aircrafts, well-drilling equipment, pipes, and other costly capital goods from corrosion damages.

-Reduces overall overhead costs by providing manufacturers with production flexibility as the oil prices can be volatile and expensive to explore and drill.

Preservation & Mothballing Training Courses
1. Practical Course (for Technicians and Workers)
2. Inspector Course (for Inspection & Reporting)  
3. Supervisor Course (for Supervision)
4. Engineer Course (for Engineering)
5. Trainer Course (for Teaching & Consulting)


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