GreenVCI® Global Services

We are proud of our versatile team comprised of diverse backgrounds and talents including those coming from the corporate consulting backgrounds.

We go beyond a mere level of R&D and sales management to provide a wide range of consulting services with an objective to create more businesses for our clients. We will help you identify untapped opportunities in your competitive market(s) and by sharing our industry knowledge, best practices and global partners' network, we will help you cultivate a new revenue model with our global services.

Services include, but not limited to:
- Corrosion Management
- Preservation Program
- Localization
- VCI Selection & Application
- VCI Oil & Gas Services (Offshore rigs, storage tanks, pipelines, refineries, mothball, etc.)

- VCI Product Customization
- VCI Chemical Production (VCI Powder, VCI Liquid, etc.)
- VCI Packaging Production Methods (VCI Film, VCI Paper, etc.)
- VCI Seminars & Training
- VCI Sales Strategy & References
- VCI Knock-Down (KD) Packaging
- VCI & Cleaning Solutions for Remanufacturing (REMAN)
- VCI Distribution Quality Control Process
- VCI Certifications & Accreditation
- VCI Laboratory Testings
- VCI Claim Management
- VCI Competitor Analysis
- VCI Market Trends
- VCI Strategic Marketing

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